Photo: Körber Foundation/Friedrun Reinhold

Hans Clevers – Prizewinner 2016

Hans Clevers is to receive the Körber European Science Prize 2016, which is endowed with 750,000 euros. The Dutch biologist and physician has developed a new standard procedure for the unlimited reproduction of adult stem cells, enabling the growth of rudimentary organs in miniature format, known as organoids.

Report of the presentation of the prize
Photos of the presentation of the prize on 07.09.2016
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Welcome to the Körber European Science Prize!

The Körber European Science Prize honors outstanding and excellent scientists working in Europe. The prize is awarded to research projects that show great potential for possible application and international impact.

Over recent years, the Körber European Science Prize has developed into a high-ranking European science prize. In the last ten years alone, the Körber Prize winners included six scientists who were later awarded the Nobel Prize.

Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann
Chairman of the Körber Prize Trustee Committee

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