Körber Foundation

Social development calls for critical reflection. This is a principle to which Kurt A. Körber felt bound both as a German and as a world citizen. The foundation established by him takes on this social challenge at a national and an international level. As the owner of the Körber AG (public limited company), the Körber Foundation, led by its committees, has been developing its own profile for more than five decades. It brings together people from different political, social and cultural backgrounds.

Through its operational projects, in its networks and in conjunction with cooperation partners, the Körber Foundation takes on current social challenges in fields of action comprising international dialogue, demographic change and innovation. At present its work focuses on three topics: “Russia in Europe”, “New Working Lifetime” and “Digital Literacy”.

Inaugurated in 1959 by the entrepreneur Kurt A. Körber, the foundation is now actively involved in its own national and international projects and events. In particular, the foundation feels a special bond to the city of Hamburg. Furthermore, the Foundation holds a site in the capital of Germany, Berlin.

The Founder

Kurt A. Körber was “an important and to an even greater degree successful entrepreneur. He was a publicly active philanthropist with a highly idealistic commitment to the community. continue


The Körber Foundation is dedicated exclusively to serving the public interest. In accordance with its charter, the Foundation's areas of activity are international dialogue, science and research, education, cultural projects and the care of the elderly and the sick. continue

Voluntary Agreement

Those who work for the common good should tell the community what the organisation does, where its funds come from, how they are used and who the decision-makers are. In accordance with the voluntary agreement signed by us which was drafted by the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (initiative for a transparent civil society), we at the Körber Foundation would also like to provide the public with information in the ten points listed below. continue