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Executive bodies of the Körber Foundation

The Körber Foundation is dedicated exclusively to serving the public interest. In accordance with its charter, the Foundation's areas of activity are international dialogue, science and research, education, cultural projects and the care of the elderly and the sick.

As executive bodies, the Executive Board is responsible for the fulfilment of the charter by means of operational activities and promotion. The task of the Board of Trustees is to monitor the public-benefit activities of the Board of Directors. The Financial Board supervises the asset management of the Foundation and decides on the exercising of rights in companies in which the Foundation holds a capital share of more than 20 percent.

Executive Board

Dr. Lothar Dittmer
Chairman of the Executive Board

Assistant to the Executive Board: Ute Richter
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 126
Fax +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 316

E-Mail dittmer@koerber-stiftung.de

Anja Paehlke
Executive Board

Assistant to the Executive Board: Thomas Baumgarten
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 128
Fax +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 318

E-Mail paehlke@koerber-stiftung.de

Dr. Thomas Paulsen
Executive Board

Assistant to the Executive Board: Frauke Peemöller
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 127
Fax +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 317

E-Mail paulsen@koerber-stiftung.de
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Board of Trustees

Dr. Klaus Wehmeier, Chairman
Marianne Birthler, Deputy Chairwoman
Prof. Dr. Ute Frevert
Dr. Peter Frey
Peter-Matthias Gaede
Dr. Werner Redeker
Christian Wriedt

Financial Board

Christian Wriedt (Chairman)
Richard Bauer
Dr. Lothar Dittmer
Dr. Thomas Paulsen
Stephan Seifert
Harald Vogelsang
Dr. Klaus Wehmeier

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