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Those who work for the common good should tell the community what the organisation does, where its funds come from, how they are used and who the decision-makers are. In accordance with the voluntary agreement:


The Körber Foundation was established in 1959 by the entrepreneur Kurt A. Körber. Today it is active with its own projects and events on a regional, national and international level.

The Körber Foundation has its headquarters in Hamburg.

Körber Foundation
Kehrwieder 12
20457 Hamburg
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 0
Fax +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 300
e-mail info@koerber-stiftung.de
Internet www.koerber-stiftung.de

It also conducts projects at the following locations:

Berlin Office
Pariser Platz 4a
D-10117 Berlin
Phone +49 • 30 • 206 267 - 60
Fax +49 • 30 • 206 267 - 67
E-Mail ip@koerber-stiftung.de

"Haus im Park"
Gräpelweg 8
D-21029 Hamburg
Phone +49 • 40 • 72 57 02 - 12
Fax +49 • 40 • 72 57 02 - 24
e-mail hip@koerber-stiftung.de
Internet www.hausimpark.de


Our mission statement

The Körber Foundation sees itself as a forum for initiative. It promotes and supports people who are not content with merely keeping the status quo. It focuses on exchange and dialogue, the power of sound arguments and willingness to communicate. By recognising role models, by identifying good examples and by developing paradigms it provides stimuli not only for ideas, but also for actions.

In its work, the Körber Foundation follows the principles already laid down by the founder during his lifetime:

  • The Körber Foundation is politically independent and ideologically neutral. It makes use of its reputation to bring together people with different mentalities, experiences and positions in the course of its work. To this end, it provides the necessary forums and moderates the resulting processes.

  • The Körber Foundation sees itself as an operational foundation that also enters into cooperations and partnerships. It does not conduct promotional programmes.

  • The Körber Foundation works in a practice- and application-orientated way, aiming to help overcome concrete challenges facing our society. It sees itself as a "greenhouse" for pioneering models and structures. It is also active in areas where the large institutions of our society are unable or unwilling to act.

  • The Körber Foundation focuses on the continuous and sustainable further development of its work. It cultivates the traditions that were already developed during Kurt A. Körber's lifetime, but is also aware of the necessity to question its goals and results at all times and to adapt them to current social challenges. For this purpose it calls upon the expertise and knowledge present in its networks.

  • The Körber Foundation conducts projects in the subject areas "International Affairs", "Education", "Science", "Civil Society" and "Young Culture".

  • As a matter of principle, all committee members work for the Körber Foundation on an honorary basis. They make their decisions according to subject-specific criteria, with a high degree of personal commitment; they receive reasonable remuneration for their services. The decisions made by these individuals significantly shape and influence the work of the Körber Foundation. As a result, social diversity and high professional competence are thus also reflected in the foundation's projects.

  • Neither Körber AG nor its customers have any influence whatsoever on the contents, projects and goals of the Körber Foundation. Any such influence would also run contrary to the declared will of the founder. In the past, this dual independence has contributed considerably to the high standing and credibility of the Körber Foundation, as well as guiding its future activities.

The guidelines referred to here are also reflected in the foundation's statutes Complete statutes (PDF)


The Körber Foundation is an independent public foundation that is neither owned nor controlled by a natural person (the beneficial owner within the meaning of the Money Laundering Act). The Körber Foundation is subject to state supervision by the judicial authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The Hamburg tax authority has recognised the Körber Foundation as a tax-privileged (not-for-profit) entity (PDF - facsimile of original document, PDF, German).


The names and functions of our decision-makers are to be found under Committees.  


We also see our website (www.koerber-stiftung.de) as a report on the activities of our organisation. On request we are also available to answer queries personally. Please contact the Head of Communication and Programme Planning, Martin Meister: meister@koerber-stiftung.de.


In addition to the people active in project-related foundation work, the Körber Foundation employs further staff for the running of the Citizens' Centre "Haus im Park".
You will find the total number in the List (PDF).

7. and 8.

The source and application of funds are both contained in the tabular Profit and Loss Statement (PDF).
Please find a graphic representation of the application of funds according to foundation areas in this PDF; the balance sheet is shown in this PDF. Please note that all three documents are mere translations, the English versions have not been certified by an auditor.


Corporate affiliations with third parties:
The Körber Foundation is the sole shareholder of Körber AG, the holding company of an international technology concern in which leading, medium-sized companies are grouped. These operate in the business areas automation, logistics systems, machine tools, pharmaceutical systems, tissue, tobacco and corporate investments. The Körber Foundation is the recipient of dividends from this holding. The chairman of the supervisory board of Körber AG is a member of the foundation’s board of trustees.


In the context of the Körber Foundation there are no legal entities outside the trust administration (Körber AG) whose contribution to the Körber Foundation accounts for more than ten percent of our total annual income.

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