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    178th Bergedorf Round Table: The End of Illusions

    On March 25th and 26th, 2022, high-ranking representatives from politics, administration, think tanks, science and the press from Germany and Europe will discuss the »Zeitenwende« in security policy and the future of Germany's international role.

    Putin’s war against Ukraine constitutes not only a turning-point in European history, but also a cathartic moment for Germany as an international actor. Acknowledging that »if the world changes, our policy must change, too«, long-held foreign and security policy principles were revisited or even reversed in a matter of days. In a seismic U-turn on decades of German foreign policy, Berlin drew its own consequences and decided to not only halt Nord Stream 2, but also to initiate nothing less than a paradigm shift when it declared to provide weapons to Ukraine, create a one-time 100 billion euro fund for the German military and meet NATO’s two-percent goal. As an additional consequence of the current crisis, unprecedented measures to reduce Germany’s dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal are also underway. While the »Zeitenwende« undoubtedly marks a watershed moment for Berlin, the debate about its implementation, its domestic repercussions, and its implications for Germany’s future relations with autocratic systems, first and foremost China, has only just started.

    The 178th Bergedorf Round Table will seek to explore trajectories and trends that will define the future of Germany’s foreign and security policy in a changed international order. 

    A distinguished group of 25 high-ranking politicians, government officials, and representatives of think tanks, academia and media from Germany, other EU and non-EU states will be discussing these questions during the 178th Bergedorf Round Table. The Round Table will take place on 25 and 26 of March 2022 in Berlin.

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