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152nd Bergedorf Round Table

»Maintaining European Unity«

Kraków, March 23 – 24, 2013

The debt crisis is forcing the countries of the eurozone to introduce wide-ranging reforms. At the same time the process of strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union has far-reaching implications for decision-making, balance of power, and political leadership in Europe. How can non-eurozone countries participate in the decision-making processes of the eurozone? What will enable the EU to efficiently act and decide on matters of common concern? What are the consequences for the relationship between the EU and its immediate neighbourhood?

At the 152nd Bergedorf Round Table a small group of politicians, government officials, and experts from Germany and other EU member states chaired by former German president Richard von Weizsäcker discussed the options available when it comes to facing today’s strategic challenges.

Read the summary of the 152nd Bergedorf Round Table (PDF)
Summary in German (PDF)


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