153rd Bergedorf Round Table

“Managing Expectations – What Future for the Middle East?”

Istanbul, 25–26 May 2013

Two years after the Arab Spring has drastically changed the political dynamics of the entire Middle East, the situation in most of the affected states is far from stable. Managing the transition process from authoritarian rule to newly democratic nations poses a significant domestic challenge and has a substantial impact on regional stability. Egypt is facing a severe economic crisis. The conflict in Syria continues to escalate. What role can regional powers play? How can Europe and the United States stay engaged? What are the perspectives for the region?

At the 153rd Bergedorf Round Table chaired by former German Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker, a small group of politicians, government officials, and experts from Germany, the EU, the United States, as well as select Middle Eastern countries discussed strategic challenges and possible solutions.

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Summary in German (PDF)


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