154th Bergedorf Round Table

“Peace and Security in the Asia Pacific”

Jakarta, 2-3 November 2013

The most dynamic economic region of the world is Asia Pacific. The American “pivot to Asia” has demonstrated that the United States will bring their security political commitments more in line with their economic interest. At the same time Asia Pacific is also one of the most conflict prone regions. It is the theater for the complex power relations between the US and a rising China. Military budgets throughout the region have increased markedly. A number of territorial disputes remain unresolved. Europe is fundamentally affected by any potential conflict in the region. What are the most important challenges to peace and security in the region? How can regional cooperation be enhanced to secure a stable security political environment and freedom of important sea lanes? What are the strategic implications for Europe?

At the 154th Bergedorf Round Table on 2-3 November 2013 a small group of politicians, government officials, and experts from China, Japan, Indonesia, India, and other regional countries as well as Europe and the US discussed strategic challenges and possible solutions.

Read the conference report of the 154th Bergedorf Round Table (PDF)
Conference report in German (PDF)


Photo: Körber Foundation/Donald Bason