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155th Bergedorf Round Table

“Emerging from the Crisis. The Future Europe”

Athens, 15-16 March 2014

The Euro Crisis has marked a watershed in the European integration process. After years of crisis management, initial signs of stabilization and recovery can be identified. However, the crisis will have a long-term impact on the political and economic situation of the EU.
Just a few weeks ahead of the European parliamentary elections the 155th Bergedorf Round Table focused on the future of Europe. What should European institutions look like? How can both social justice and economic competitiveness be achieved? What can be Europe’s future role in global affairs and who will be its future partners?

At the 155th Bergedorf Round Table on 15 and 16 March 2014 a small group of politicians, senior government officials and experts from Germany, Greece and other European states discussed the future of Europe beyond the constraints of day-to-day policy-making.

Read the conference report of the 155th Bergedorf Round Table (PDF)
Conference report in German (PDF)


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