160th Bergedorf Round Table

“New Players – Old Rules? The Global Order in Transition”

Beijing, 28-30 October 2015

The concept of order that has underpinned the post-World War II international system is in transition – some would say: crisis. In an era of shifting global power relations, the existing international order faces a multitude of challenges, among them the rise of violent non-state actors, epitomized by IS, as well as the relapse into Cold War-type confrontational patterns as a consequence of the Ukraine crisis.

While the search for order has long been defined by the concepts of Western societies, the emerging powers are often seen as seeking to change the status quo of the existing order.
The 160th Bergedorf Round Table was held in Beijing from 28 to 30 October and explored different concepts of order and how to apply them. It was discussed how trust in a cooperative rules-based international system can be (re)built and which norms and principles should be at the foundation of the system. Can established and emerging powers reach common ground on such norms and principles? Who should safeguard them? How can effective mechanisms of consultation and cooperation be ensured?

During her discussion with the participants of the Round Table – including German and international representatives of politics and administration as well as selected experts - Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that China plays a pivotal role in many areas of foreign and security policy. The results of the fifth plenary session of the Central Committee of the CPC, China’s climate policy goals, as well as the end of the one-child policy were the main topics of the meeting with Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao in the Great Hall of the People. Following the Bergedorf Round Table, participants met with scholars from the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC and discussed the economic challenges Beijing has to deal with as well as the CPC’s handling of China’s “New Normal”.

Read the Conference Report of the 160th Bergedorf Round Table (PDF)
Conference Report in German (PDF)


Photos: Körber Foundation/Matjaz Tancic

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