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Days of Exile 2018

Days of Exile took place for the third time in 2018. The patron was the Iraqi author Abbas Khider who opened the programme on 15 October.

Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra performed during the 2018 Days of Exile

The pieces played by the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra were mainly composed after the outbreak of the Syrian civil war and, therefore, were heavily influenced by it. The orchestra was founded in 2015 by Raed Jazbeh, a Syrian double bass player who has lived in exile in Germany since 2013. The orchestra is home to more than 70 musicians who have taken refuge in Europe from the civil war. They aim to preserve Syria’s rich musical heritage, which was endangered by the war, and to bring it closer to their new audience in their exile homeland.

Can Dündar’s Speech on Exile – Turkey is wherever I write

The Turkish journalist Can Dündar gave the 2018 Hamburg Speech on Exile in the Elbphilharmonie building. Dündar lives in exile in Germany. His speech also opened Körber-Stiftung’s first Exile Media Forum, which brought together German media professionals with journalists in exile.

Full speech (PDF)   Video

Cursed to be (t)here

At the age of 23, the writer Abbas Khider fled the reprisals of Saddam’s regime in Iraq. Khider arrived in Germany in 2000. In 2018, he was patron of the 2018 Days of Exile and opened the multi-week programme of events. During a talk with Daniel Kaiser from NDR 90.3 radio, he provided insights into the ambivalence associated with feelings of belonging and the need to deal with one’s past.
The event was organised together with Weichmann-Stiftung and moderated by Daniel Kaiser broadcasting station from NDR 90.3.

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