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Germany: Country of Exile - Challenges in Science, Culture and Journalism

In 2018, the number of displaced people rose again around the world to over 68 million. Among them are many people from the fields of science, culture and journalism who fled persecution in their home countries and are now seeking protection in Germany. How can exiles continue their work? What kind of support do they require? What models exist and which experiences have already been made? How can these lessons be applied to different areas?

Programme (PDF)

The conference ‘Germany: Country of Exile’ analysed these and additional questions. Three panel discussions took place to provide exiled artists, scientists and journalists with an opportunity to debate with other experts and with representatives from institutions that provide funding and support. The discussions focused on good practices, and the opportunities and limitations associated with various funding models. The speakers included the Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh, the researcher Hakan Mertcan from the Turkish group Academics for Peace, and the journalist Emin Milli from the Azerbaijani television station Meydan TV.

Following the conference, the Chinese writer and musician Liao Yiwu gave the third Hamburg Speech on Exile. It took place in KörberForum, Hamburg.

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