In an ever more closely connected world, information and ideas flow freely, forging a sense of global community and enabling a public discourse that transcends hereditary borders. Yet when dealing with history, national echo chambers still define the discussion.

Starting in 2021, Körber-Stiftung is launching eCommemoration. Harnessing the transformative dynamic of digitalisation in Gaming, Social Media and within Hybrid Spaces, the programme encourages innovative approaches to history and memory. We bring together historians, memory workers, digital pioneers and creative minds globally to open new perspectives on creative and participatory commemoration.

eCommemoration is history and memory, understood digitally.

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In the current episode of the History & Politics Podcast, sinologist Klaus Mühlhahn talks about China's internal and external tensions and the country's role in the emergence of global capitalism.

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Historian Krzysztof Ruchniewicz explains how dialogue can strengthen the relationship between Germany and Poland in the current episode of the History & Politics Podcast.

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Social Media is a highly dynamic a space of social dialogue, interaction for young people and new generations of practitioners of history education.
It’s the arena where news, fake news, propaganda and subversive counter-narratives co-exist, putting the past and its interpretation centre stage.

Games make history accessible to wider audiences and increasingly shape our cultures of remembrance. Computer games create virtually authentic experiences and teleport players into immersive experiences of imagined pasts. Actively engaging with history, players are equipped with agency and responsibility in shaping the narrative of their story.

Hybrid Spaces merge physical space and digital elements, creating an interface between the present and the past. From high-tech installations in museums or urban spaces through virtual memorials and mobile apps – augmented, mixed or extended realities open new perspectives on our pasts.


Digital innovation is defining new standards in understanding and in coming to terms with the past. The questions connected to this development are manifold, at times troubling and at times promising. Together with you, we want to address and discuss these questions:

eCommemoration Switchboard: In our eCommemoration Switchboards, we bring together experts and practitioners, bridging generational, national and professional divides to reflect on the prospects and perils of digital commemoration – critically and forward-looking.

eCommemoration Convention: The annual eCommemoration Convention opens a space for historians, memory workers, influencers and creative minds to come together. As a platform of exchange, it encourages digital creativity and cultural sensitivity in future endeavours of presenting, debating and understanding our shared past.


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#PostSovietYears: Reconciliation Through Art? Together with visual artist Katharina Roters, we ask what impulses art can actually provide for a fruitful reflexion of difficult pasts.

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