The EUSTORY history network promotes a multi-perspective approach to cultures of commemoration and fosters communication about crucial questions concerning the past and the present in Europe and neighbouring countries. EUSTORY connects non-governmental organisations conducting historical research competitions for young people from more than 20 countries in Europe and beyond.
With its activities, the EUSTORY network promotes an independent and critical approach to the past for a common European future. It also furthers a European perspective on local, regional and national history, shunning exclusion and promoting international understanding as well as historical-political education for young Europeans.


December 8 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union. As part of the digital programme “#30PostSovietYears: Phantom Pasts or Everday Present?” 19 young people searched for traces of the past and show how the socialist past still affects their everyday lives today.

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How is the current Russian military attack on Ukraine escorted by a "memory war"? Tatiana Zhurzhenko, Ukrainian expert on memory politics, deconstructs elements of the Russian propaganda, explains internal Ukrainian conflicts on memory and history, and asks about the war’s effects on European identity.

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Network Members

In over 20 countries, non-governmental organisations, foundations as well as history and civic education teacher organisations carry out historical research competitions for young people.

Detailed information about the organisations, their competitions and national activities can be found on the EUSTORY-website:

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Every year, Körber-Stiftung organises a meeting of all member organisations in a different European country.

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EUSTORY Youth Meetings

The international history festival for young Europeans, the “EUSTORY Next Generation Summit”, History Camps and online projects offer the prize winners of the national history competitions the chance to use history as a laboratory for international understanding. Across borders, they reflect on the relevance of history for their own lives, their families or their countries of residence. They present their project results in innovative formats:

Retrospect eCommemorationCampus 2020

Retrospect Cooperation Project Online History Camp 2020

Retrospect eCommemoration Europe 1945-2020

Retrospect EUSTORY Summit 2019

Retrospect EUSTORY Summit 2018

Retrospect EUSTORY Summit 2017

Further activities for young Europeans

EUSTORY History Campus

The EUSTORY History Campus offers young Europeans the opportunity to engage in a cross-border exchange on current questions of commemoration, identity as well as values in the past and the present. The online platform, containing a public blog and closed groups, furthers international dialogue and understanding in Europe and highlights the perspectives of tomorrow’s makers of Europe.

EUSTORY History Campus Blog

The Editors’ Programme is an international qualification and participation programme for alumni from activities of Körber-Stiftung and the EUSTORY network. The Editors’ Group curates the EUSTORY History Campus Blog.

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