The Idea

The EUSTORY history network was set up by the Körber Foundation to inspire young Europeans to come together to address the crucial questions of the day in terms of European history. The network draws together civil society organisations in more than 20 European countries organising national history competitions.


The EUSTORY-Website offers insights into activities in more than 20 European countries



Take a look at the News section of the EUSTORY website. Stay up to date about the network‘s activities and learn more about young historical research projects.


Network Members

EUSTORY is an informal network of non-governmental organisations carrying out historical research competitions for young people in Europe. It connects more than 20 civic organisations from over 20 countries.
Information on network members: eustory.eu/network-members


Körber Foundation
Kehrwieder 12
20457 Hamburg
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 161
Fax +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 302
Facebook facebook.com/eustory

News on the network’s activities and current events


Our sharepoint for young perspectives on European history

History Campus

Katja Fausser
Program Director
EUSTORY; History Campus
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 154
E-Mail fausser@koerber-stiftung.de

Inka Siuts
Program Manager
EUSTORY; History Campus
Phone +49 • 40 • 80 81 92 - 161
E-Mail siuts@koerber-stiftung.de

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