EUSTORY: Background

Our goals

A Dialogue on Values

History divides and unites. A deeper understanding of our shared and sometimes conflicting history in Europe can only be acquired by those who actively engage with the past. The aim of EUSTORY is to engage young Europeans in a cross-border dialogue about history, commemoration and the past’s impact on our present identities. Through historical and civic education programmes, we want to critically reflect and overcome national, ethnic and religious boundaries.

History from the Bottom up

The network's history competitions encourage students to explore their local and family history according to the model of the German history competition. Thus, they address history from the bottom up: Their research enriches the commemorative culture of their countries by passing on forgotten or repressed life stories and events. With their newly acquired skills, young people are able to critically engage with and question the public treatment of history in their respective countries.

Shaping Europe

Winners of the European history competitions regularly come together at youth meetings and debate questions of the European past, present and issues of identity. Thus, they learn to overcome borders and to perceive Europe as an opportunity. In dialogue with representatives of public life, journalists, eyewitnesses and experts, they address the basic principles of democratic action and thereby gain self-confidence as responsible citizens of Europe. In addition, EUSTORY regularly provides its network members opportunities to have cross-border exchange and experiences.

Our Principles

The member organisations of the EUSTORY network agreed on three core documents: The “EUSTORY Mission Statement” defines the guiding principles. The “EUSTORY Rules” state general criteria elaborating on the methodological background of the history competitions conducted by the EUSTORY members as well as network activities. The “EUSTORY Charter” from the founding year 2001 contains the extensive fundamental principles as well as the aims of the network.

EUSTORY Mission Statement

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