Editors‘ Programme

In our Editors‘ Programme, students from all over Europe and beyond interested in history can engage in the historic dimensions of current conflicts. Supported by journalists and experts, they develop their editorial skills and are the operative core of the EUSTORY History Campus Blog.

The Editors’ Programme aims at supporting skilled young Europeans to express their opinions and thoughts on topics ranging from history, identity to current political issues and extend these skills to the young authors they are working with.

This peer-to-peer approach strengthens the dialogue skills among the young generation and furthers European multi-perspectivity to build a solid and lasting basis for international understanding. In an annual workshop, the young editors learn journalistic skills and formats like blogging and visual storytelling. The application for the next generation of Editors opens every year in autumn/winter on the EUSTORY History Campus.

The Editors’ Group

A small group of highly enthusiastic alumni supports the Körber Foundation for the duration of at least one year to run the blog of the EUSTORY History Campus. Get to know the Editors and learn why history and a cross-border exchange about it is important to them: