Exile Media Forum

Exile Media Forum

The number of journalists and media representatives who live and work in exile in Germany is increasing. What does it mean to be in exile as a journalist? How is the German media landscape changing in the context of migration and globalisation? What is the role of digitalisation in this context? The Exile Media Forum addresses these questions once a year. Around 100 experts and media representatives are invited to Hamburg to exchange experiences, detect new trends and discuss future issues.

The Exile Media Forum will be digital this year. The Speech on Exile by the Mexican investigative journalist Anabel Hernández will open the Forum on 23 November, 7 pm. On November 24, you can follow short presentations, readings and discussions about current trends and challenges in exile journalism via our livestream. This year's programme will be supplemented by a new series of webinars, which will start after the Forum.

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Exile journalism in Germany

Germany is one of the main destinations for exiled journalists who are fleeing from their home country. Nevertheless, many questions remain unanswered in the debate about their situation. Under what conditions do exiled journalists work in Germany? Our publication "Exile journalism in Germany" gives an insight into the situation.

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Exile Media Forum 2019

The second edition of the Exile Media Forum took place in 2019 as part of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) in Hamburg. As cooperation partner, Körber-Stiftung developed an Exile Media Track together with the GIJC organisers. In four panel discussions and networking sessions, participants discussed the conditions under which journalists in exile live and work, what support they need, the technical conditions under which they can report and broadcast from exile and how cooperation with local media in the exile country can succeed.

On 26 September, the public evening event "Journalism in Exile: The Case of Saudi Arabia" (video) with Saudi exile journalist Safa Al Ahmad took place at KörberForum as part of the conference.

In addition, a scholarship programme of Körber-Stiftung made it possible for ten exiled journalists from all over the world to participate at the conference.

Programme (PDF)


  • From left to right: Mamatjan Juma (Radio Free Asia), Alexey Kovalev (Meduza), Ines Gakiza (African Public Radio)    
  • From left to right: Ewald Scharfenberg (Armando), Katharina Finke (netwerk recherche, moderation), Can Dündar (Özgürüz)    
  • From left to right: Tabea Grzeszyk (Hostwriter), Julia Herrnböck (Reporters Without Borders Austria, moderation), Vivienne Francis (The Refugee Journalism Project), Hicham Mansouri (L´oeil de l´exilé/Médiapart´s Club) Photo: Körber-Stiftung/Jakob Börner   Foto: Körber-Stiftung/Jakob Börner  
  • Speakers and Fellows of the Exile Media Forum    
  • From left to right: Ronen Steinke (Süddeutsche Zeitung, moderation), Safa Al Ahmad, Susanne Koelbl (DER SPIEGEL)    
  • Exile Media Forum 2018

    In 2018, the Exile Media Forum took place for the first time. The conference brought together more than 100 experts from Germany and Europe to address different questions on exile journalism.

    The writer SAID provided a very personal look at 50 years of exile in his keynote speech. Touching words that show the inner conflicts that exile can trigger in a person. Refuge, home, but also renunciation and escape, all this SAID unites in the metaphor of language.

    As prelude to the conference, the Turkish journalist Can Dündar, who lives in exile in Germany, gave the second "Speech on Exile" (video) at the Elbphilharmonie (Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg). The event was complemented by a performance from the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra (video).

    Programme (PDF)


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