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    Join the eCommemoration Convention 13 & 14 October 2021!

    We need to renew our understanding of the past: new generations, new technologies and new questions call on us to reassess how history may guide us in future.

    How can we keep memories alive in the digital age? Can the past seriously be a place of entertainment? How can we make sure that marginalised stories are heard? For insight and inspiration, join the online eCommemoration Convention on 13 & 14 October!

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    History is not just a record of bygone events. It is how we perceive and understand the past in the present. Yet memory is changing. 

    From social media through video games to extended reality – digital innovation is defining new standards in understanding and in coming to terms with the past, enabling a public discourse that transcends national, generational, and disciplinary divides. New generations, new technologies and new questions open new discussions, topple traditions and prejudice, unlock secrets and give rise to insights that help us meet present and future challenges of our societies. 

    We invite historians, memory workers, digital creators and change-makers to join the discussion: How is technology redefining historical debates and education? How do games and mixed reality technologies change the experience, perception and understanding of history and memory? How can agile and innovative historical commemoration aid us in addressing today’s challenges? 

    The eCommemoration Convention on 13 and 14 October 2021 opens a space to explore and discuss those questions in an international and interdisciplinary setting. Virtual and interactive, the convention platform will for two days host panel discussion with prominent speakers as well as sessions that allow participants to delve into the future of history – hands-on!

    Join us! Participation is free of charge. 

    eCommemoration Convention

    When? 13 & 14 October 2021

    Where? Online Conference Platform

    Who? Historians, memory workers, creative minds and change makers – international & interdisciplinary

    How can I participate? Participation is free of charge, please register here.

    What? There are three sections on Social Media, Videogames and Hybrid Spaces, each consisting of a panel discussion on current debates in history and a hands-on digital exploration. Take a look at the programme.

    see the programme (PDF)

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