Körber Foundation congratulates Ben Feringa on the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016

Ben Feringa received the Körber European Science Prize in 2003

The Körber Foundation congratulates the Dutch chemist Ben Feringa on winning the Nobel Prize Chemistry 2016. Together with Frenchman Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Briton Fraser Stoddart, Feringa is receiving the award for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. In 2003, Ben Feringa received the Körber European Science Prize jointly with Niek van Hulst, Martin Möller and Justin Molloy for the project entitled “Light-driven molecular walkers”. The aim of the project was to develop a nano-motor that allows the precise dosage of medication, the exploration of the interior of body cells, or the manufacture of completely new materials.

“We congratulate Ben Feringa most sincerely on this award,” says Matthias Mayer, Head of Department Science of the Körber Foundation. “His achievements in the field of molecular nanotechnology are not only groundbreaking basic research, but also open up completely new application dimensions for chemistry, for example in sensor development, energy storage systems or the development of new materials. This sixth Nobel Prize for a Körber Prize winner shows us that we in Europe not only have a diverse, but also truly effective scientific community at the absolute top. And it shows us that the Körber Prize is entitled to bear its unofficial yet often cited title 'Hamburg's Nobel Prize'. We therefore also congratulate the committees of the Körber Prize whose expertise ensures that they always nominate the best scientists in Europe for the prize.”

Every year since 1985, the Körber Prize for European Science has honoured a major breakthrough in the physical or life sciences in Europe. The prize is awarded to excellent and innovative research approaches with high application potential. With prize money of 750,000 euros it is one of the world's most highly endowed prizes. In addition to Feringa, five other prize winners have also been awarded the Nobel Prize after receiving the Körber Prize.

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