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Videos from the Körber History Forum 2019

The development of an international order after 1989

In her opening keynote to the Körber History Forum 2019 on 13 May in Berlin, the historian Mary Elise Sarotte of Johns Hopkins University in Washington shed light on the developments surrounding German and European reunification. Moderator: Gabriele Woidelko, Körber-Stiftung. Opening by Thomas Paulsen, Executive Board, Körber-Stiftung.


What is the value of Europe?

Based on the Central Eastern European experience of transformation, what values will hold the European project together in future? The former President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, gave answers in his keynote and the ensuing discussion with Thomas Paulsen, Körber-Stiftung.


Is strong leadership a threat to democracy?

Past and present challenges posed by authoritarian leadership and populism to liberal democracy were discussed by the former Hungarian Minister Zoltán Balog, the French journalist Sylvie Kauffmann, the British political scientist Archie Brown and the historian Timothy Snyder of Yale University. Moderator: Daniel Brössler, Süddeutsche Zeitung.


»Thinking beyond Versailles«

Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, the historian Eckart Conze and moderator Dirk Kurbjuweit, Der Spiegel, assessed the Peace Treaty of Versailles and its impact on the international security order. In cooperation with Der Spiegel.


A stolen past?

What is needed in order to achieve an egalitarian and forward-looking dialogue between former colonial powers and previous colonies? Answers were given by the Nigerian-American historian Nwando Achebe, the British historian Philip Murphy, the Kenian economist James Shikwati and Antje Leendertse, State Secretary at the German Federal Foreign Office. Moderator: Christine Gerberding, NDR.


The power of manipulation

How have demagogy and manipulation been held in check in the past and what tools are needed to do so today? Discussion participants were the American historian Anne Applebaum, the American philosopher Jason Stanley, the British historian Jo Fox and the German political advisor Markus Engels. Moderator: Natalie Nougayrede, The Guardian.


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