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Fifth Körber Network Foreign Policy Retreat

22 and 23 June 2019

On 22 and 23 June, the members of the Körber Network Foreign Policy convened for their fifth retreat at Schloss Neuhardenberg. During the meeting, the members of the Network conducted a Körber Policy Game on the subject of “European Security in Times of Crisis”. The Körber Policy Game confronted the participants with a fictional scenario set in the near future, which was built on current trends in foreign and security politics. The members of the Network were invited to put themselves in the position of various foreign policy actors in order to analyze their interests and to develop specific options for action. The Körber Policy Game aims at deepening the participants’ understanding of the interests and priorities of the actors affected by the scenario. During the Körber Policy Game, the participants discussed the meanings and implications of the concept of European strategic autonomy. Furthermore, they reflected on the mechanisms for crisis management that could be employed in the case of a political crisis within NATO.

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