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Körber Network Foreign Policy: Alumni Meeting with Jan Hecker, Anna Cavazzini, Jurij Aston and Knut Abraham

Berlin, 28 May 2020

Jan Hecker, Foreign and Security Policy Advisor to the Chancellor, opened our most recent digital background discussion and talked with active and former members of the Körber Network Foreign Policy about the repercussions of the corona pandemic for German foreign policy. He presented his views on the significance of international cooperation, the challenges of Chinese-US relations and Germany's role in strengthening Europe. The second part of the event consisted of three different breakout sessions on specific European projects or developments One group was led by Anna Cavazzini, Member of the European Parliament, and discussed the future of the European Green Deal. A second group, led by Jurij Aston, Head of Political Affairs and Head of the Council-Presidency 2020 Task Force at the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union, focused on the German EU Council Presidency and the shift in priorities due to the pandemic. The third group, with input from Knut Abraham, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw, talked about authoritarian tendencies in Europe and the EU's ability and responsibility to react to these trends. The results of the background discussions were then presented in plenary.

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