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Körber Network Foreign Policy – Field Trip to Georgia

September 14 - 17, 2006

The participants gained a first-hand look at the challenges confronting Georgian foreign policy two years after the Rose Revolution: the so called "frozen conflicts" in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the troubled relationship with neighboring Russia, and geostrategic rivalry over Georgia as an energy-transit country. In Tbilisi the group met, among others, Deputy Foreign Minister Giorgi Manjgaladze, Parliament Speaker Nino Burdshanadze, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee Konstantin Gabashvili, and representatives of the international community such as OSCE Ambassador Roy Reeve and Major Danny Boyd, UNOMIG.

During a visit to Suchumi the group became acquainted with the situation in Abkhazia and spoke with representatives of the de facto government; an excursion to the BTC pipeline demonstrated the efforts of BP Georgia to safeguard oil deliveries.

In the military training facility at Krzanisi the Deputy Defense Minister, Mamuka Kudawa , explained how Georgia's army was being redesigned, gave his view of the threats facing the country, and the government's security concept.

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