Körber Network Foreign Policy

The Körber Network Foreign Policy comprises a select group of young foreign-policy professionals. Its members meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of German and European foreign policy with international decision-makers. An annual field trip takes the Network to hot spots of current and international affairs.

Since 2005, the Körber Network Foreign Policy has gathered an exclusive group of young foreign-policy professionals from key institutions, including the German Bundestag, the Federal Chancellery, the Federal Foreign Office and other ministries, as well as think tanks and select embassies. The Network’s members are invited to join by way of personal recommendation, and come together on a regular basis for intimate, off-the-record discussions with senior-level policy-makers and specialists.

Every year, 2-3 members of the Körber Network Foreign Policy have the opportunity to join the Munich Security Conference as Munich Young Leaders. The Munich Young Leaders program is a joint project by Körber Foundation and the Munich Security Conference. During the conference the Munich Young Leaders discuss current foreign and security policy challenges with high-ranking politicians, officials and experts. The program provides a forum for future decision-makers to strengthen their networks and inspire new thinking.

Background Discussions

Members of the Körber Network Foreign Policy regularly meet for background discussions with policy-makers and specialists. The discussions offer a chance for an open exchange of views, with the purpose of surpassing institutional barriers and stimulating common foreign and security policy ideas.

  •   Photos: Marc Darchinger  
  •   Photos: Marc Darchinger  
  •   Photos: Marc Darchinger  
  •   Photos: Marc Darchinger  
  • Field Trips

    Every year, the Network’s members embark on a field trip to a place of particular significance to German foreign policy. Field trips include discussions with senior-level representatives from the government, the military and international institutions as well as business representatives, journalists and activists. Previous destinations include Kosovo and Serbia (2005), Georgia (2006), Iran (2007), Ukraine (2008), Syria and Lebanon (2009), Kazakhstan (2010), Saudi Arabia (2011), Turkey (2012), China (2013) and Israel and the Palestinian Territories (2015). For the 2016 field trip, the Network travelled to the Republic of Korea, followed by visits to Iran (2017), Ukraine and Belarus (2018), and Hungary and Slovakia (2019).

    Field Trip to Hungary and Slovakia
    29 September to 5 October 2019

    In regard to Körber-Stiftung’s focus topic “The Value of Europe” the aim of this journey was to learn more about our European neighbours and to understand current political and ideological cleavages in debates among members of the European Union.

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    Field Trip to Ukraine and Belarus
    26 May to 1 June 2018

    The journey started in Eastern Ukraine, where the was the chance to visit the checkpoint Maiorsk and to learn about the political and humanitarian situation at the contact line, which divides the separatist- held territories from the rest of the country.

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    Field Trip to Iran
    18 to 23 April 2017

    The Körber Foundation in cooperation with the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) offered the network an extensive programme on the security policy in the region and its implications for German and European foreign and security policy.

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    Field Trip to Korea
    29 August to 4 September 2016

    The aim of the trip was to get a deeper understanding of the security situation of the region on the ground and its implications and relevance for German and European foreign policy.

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