Körber Policy Game

In the Körber Policy Game a small group of high-ranking international politicians, government officials, and experts discuss and analyze the interests of various foreign policy actors in the context of a fictional scenario. The Körber Policy Game is based on the idea of projecting current foreign and security policy trends into a future scenario – seeking to develop both a deeper understanding of the interests and priorities of the different players and possible policy options.

New Publication

Escalation in the Taiwan Strait: What to Expect from Europe?

The report presents the results and policy recommendations of the Körber Policy Game, which took place in May 2021 in cooperation with Chatham House.

Four country teams from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy discussed the implications of a conflict between the United States and China in the Taiwan Strait for international security in a fictional scenario. The publication presents an assessment of how Europeans would deal with such a crisis and presents interests and risks in a trade-off between values, security, and economic priorities.

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