Körber Strategic Stability Initiative

Körber Strategic Stability Initiative

Over the course of one year, the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative regularly convenes a group of experts from China, Russia, the United States and Europe to develop policy options for current challenges in the area of arms control. Digital tools will support this process.


The erosion of arms control regimes, the return of great power competition and fears of a new global arms race – amplified by technological innovations – pose a fundamental challenge to stability and security in the 21st century. While the era of bilateral arms control treaties dating from the Cold War is coming to an end, new actors have emerged that play a significant role in global peace and security.

These developments call for a rethinking of traditional concepts of arms control and strategic stability, and require creative approaches for peaceful cooperation between the major powers. For this purpose, Körber-Stiftung and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) have initiated the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative.

This project brings together selected experts from China, Russia, the United States and Europe to develop new ideas and approaches to strategic stability and the future of arms control. Besides on-site meetings in Germany, the group convenes for digital workshops, allowing for continuous exchange and interaction.

Key Findings

The key findings of the first three digital working sessions can be found here:

download (PDF)


Liana Fix, Ulrich Kühn, “Strategic Stability in the 21st Century” (PDF), in Russian Analytical Digest, No. 260 (20 Dec 2020).

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Dr. Liana Fix
Programme Director
Berlin Foreign Policy Forum; Körber Policy Game; Körber Strategic Stability Initiative; The Berlin Pulse

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Christoph Heilmeier
Programme Manager
Berlin Foreign Policy Forum; Körber Strategic Stability Initiative

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