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    „Stay cool, Mr. President!“

    The Munich Security Conference 2017, in which the Munich Young Leaders will participate, starts on 17 February. One of them, Alexandra Bell, a Truman National Security Fellow, is taking a close look at US-North Korea relations on FAZ-Online in advance.

    "Should North Korea test more missiles or nuclear weapons or take aggressive action against its neighbors, the Trump Administration should not do anything rash", writes Alexandra Bell on FAZ-Online. "The new U.S. President has prided himself on being hard to read, but even he should admit that when it comes to unpredictability, no one can beat Kim Jong Un. The young leader wants confusion, doubt and possibly escalation. It is up to the United States and the world to remain calm, resolute and coordinated. With regard to the recent missile launch, the United States should consult with partners in bilateral and multilateral fora and come up with a proportionate response."

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