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    Munich Young Leaders Around the World – Zoom in on the US

    Two weeks after the presidential elections in the United States, Senator Chris Murphy opened the third session of our digital series »MYL Around the World«. Focusing on foreign and security policy under the Biden Administration, this time the discussion zoomed in on the US and the implications of the government transition for Europe and the rest of the world.


    At a time of great uncertainty, it is more important than ever to keep up the dialogue and to exchange insights, opinions and ideas. Instead of this year’s Annual Meeting, Körber-Stiftung and the Munich Security Conference are conducting a series of digital events that will allow the Munich Young Leaders Alumni to »virtually travel« the world and to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted multilateral cooperation. Each event will focus on one specific region and scrutinize the state of multilateral cooperation in the wake of the pandemic, highlighting both regional security issues that have been accelerated through the pandemic and those at risk of being overlooked, as countries focus on managing the fallout from COVID-19.

    The conversation with Senator Chris Murphy brought the Munich Young Leaders virtually to the United States. Two weeks after the presidential elections, the Connecticut Senator delivered a short keynote address on his view on the outcome of the elections and on what they mean for the future of the United States and its foreign policy. In the following discussion with the Munich Young Leaders he also spoke on the prospects of the transatlantic alliance under a Biden administration as well as on the relations with the Middle East and Asia.

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