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    New “The Berlin Pulse” survey: Germans view US again as a partner

    From the perspective of the German public, transatlantic relations have been restored since the change of leadership in Washington. According to the latest survey of “The Berlin Pulse”, Körber-Stiftung’s annual foreign policy publication, 71 per cent of Germans describe the relationship between their country and the United States as good or very good.

    Compared to September 2020, this positive view has quadrupled. Moreover, Germans give more importance to their transatlantic partner: 44 per cent say, the United States are Germany’s most important partner, after France (27 per cent).

    “It is good to see that the Trump-years have not resulted in an irreversible alienation between Germany and the US. Whether this positive trend will hold on, remains to be seen. Also, because several transatlantic issues of debate remain unresolved”, analyses Nora Müller, Head of the International Relations department at Körber-Stiftung.

    More survey results on the expectations of the German public towards their new government and its role in the world, as well as opinion pieces and interviews with international experts on the future of German foreign policy can be found in the fifth edition of “The Berlin Pulse”. In three different chapters, the latest edition discusses the topic of ‘Chances in Change’.

    Since 2014, Körber Foundation regularly poles the German public on their attitudes to German foreign policy. The 2021 survey was conducted by Kantar Public. In cooperation with the Pew Research Center, the survey also entails views of the American public on select foreign policy issues.

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