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    159th Bergedorf Round Table: Along the Silk Road

    “Along the Silk Road. Prospects and Challenges of Cooperation between Europe, Russia and China” discussed the 159th Bergedorf Round Table, which took place in Berlin from 26-28 June.

    The ancient Silk Road was known as a network of connections between East and West, prominent much more for the cultural exchange it allowed than for the actual trade volume passing on its paths. This has changed. The new connections along the modern Silk Road passing through China, Russia, Central Asia and Europe are key to the connectivity of the rising economies in the East and the European market. Along these pathways a variety of geo-economic and geo-political challenges emerge. These challenges were discussed during the 159th Bergedorf Round Table, which was held in Berlin from 26-28 June.


    “Chancen und Risiken der neuen Seidenstraße”
    Deutschlandfunk, 04.07.2015

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