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    After the US elections: Germans lose trust in American democracy

    The Körber Foundation’s representative survey »Engagement or restraint?« show that the majority of Germans now expect the transatlantic relationship to normalize. The damage caused under President Donald Trump is not irreparable, says Nora Müller, Head of International Politics at the Körber Foundation.

    The US elections have influenced the German perception of US democracy. 53 percent state that their trust in American democracy has been weakened, and only 34 percent think it has been strengthened. A bare majority of Germans say that Germany and Europe should become more independent from the United States (51 percent). These are findings from Körber Foundation’s representative survey »Engagement or restraint?«.

    After Joe Biden has won the presidency of the United States, 78 percent of German citizens expect the transatlantic relations to normalize. The relations between the two countries reached a new all-time low right before the election: 79 percent of participants in September 2020 rated the transatlantic relations as »very bad« or »somewhat bad«. 74 percent of US citizens however perceived the German-US relations to be »very good« or »somewhat good«, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center.

    »The past four years have been a major challenge for the transatlantic partnership. But given the fact that a majority of Germans expect a normalization under Joe Biden, the damage done does not seem to be irreversible,« comments Nora Müller, Executive Director International Affairs at Körber Foundation.

    Since 2014, Körber Foundation regularly poles the German public on their attitudes to German foreign policy. The 2020 survey was conducted by Kantar Public. The survey results, together with The Berlin Pulse, the Körber Foundation’s annual foreign policy publication, were presented at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on November 24.

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