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  • i.t.r. Wang Dong, Carolina Hernandez, Minoru Kiuchi, Markus Ederer, Jonathan Holslag (Photo: Marc Darchinger)
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    Berlin Foreign Policy Forum addressed conflicts in Asia

    While the USA is seeking to strengthen its position as a leading power in Asia, China is staking its territorial claims in the East China Sea and South China Sea with growing self-assurance. The Berlin Foreign Policy Forum regarded the situation worthy of closer examination.

    The general public in Germany may perhaps pay less attention to it, but the current security situation in Asia is clearly rather critical. The US wants to reinforce its position as leading power in the region, and China is asserting its territorial claims in the East China and South China Seas with growing self-confidence. A survey conducted by Pew Research Center has revealed that in the first half of 2014 a majority of the inhabitants of Asia were afraid of a military conflict with China. At the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum a number of participants including Minoru Kiuchi, the Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Carolina Hernandez from the Philippines and Professor Wang Dong of Peking University talked about whether or not these fears are justified, and whether there is a danger of a war in the region.


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