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    European Security in Crisis

    It is February 2021 and the US announces its withdrawal from NATO. A few months later, a crisis erupts in a NATO member state in the Western Balkans, followed by tensions in Eastern Europe. How would Europeans react to such a scenario? The Körber Policy Game discussed this situation.

    The Körber Policy Game is based on the idea of projecting current foreign and security policy trends into a future scenario. This year, a group of high-level government officials and senior experts from Germany, France, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States discussed a fictional crisis scenario in which the US withdraws from NATO. They debated the national interests of each country in the context of this scenario and developed a number of policy options.

    Are there alternatives to NATO in its current form? How will European states balance their national interests without their transatlantic partner? These questions were among those discussed during the Körber Policy Game that took place in Berlin in July 2019.

    Now a publication presents the results and policy recommendations of the Körber Policy Game in cooperation with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). The five country teams put forward their views on a preferred future security framework, the future role of the US and red lines with regard to European security.

    Read the full text (PDF)
    Körber Policy Game

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