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    European Security in Times of Crisis

    The Körber Policy Game is based on the idea of projecting current foreign and security policy trends into a future scenario. At this year’s Körber Policy Game, a small group of participants from Germany, France, Poland, Great Britain and the United States discussed a fictional crisis scenario within NATO and Europe.

    The fifth Körber Policy Game took place from 1 to 2 July at Schloss Neuhardenberg under the topic »European Security in Times of Crisis«. A small group of high-ranking international politicians, government officials, and experts discuss the interests of various foreign policy actors in the context of this scenario and evaluate potential policy options. 

    The participants discussed the following questions: Which security and defence mechanisms for crisis management do Europeans have at hand in case of a diminished US role and how can a future framework for a more responsible European security policy look like? Which individual interests are at stake amongst European partners? And what role would the United States play? 

    The Körber Policy Game took place in cooperation with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). A publication presenting the results of the Körber Policy Game will follow soon.

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