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    ‘The Berlin Pulse’: What Germans think about foreign policy

    Transatlantic relations are freezing over: a representative survey commissioned by Körber Foundation on how Germans view current foreign policy issues found that 73 per cent of Germans rate their relationship with the US as ‘somewhat bad’ or ‘very bad’. More detailed results are available in the new issue of ‘The Berlin Pulse’.

    Commenting on the survey results, Nora Müller, executive director of International Affairs at the Körber Foundation, stated that ‘Germans are clearly becoming ever more estranged from their most important partner outside of Europe’. Importantly, almost half of the German population (47 per cent) believes that Germany should cooperate less with the United States, and three-quarters (72 per cent) think that Germany should shape its foreign policy more independently of the US in the future.

    The survey’s results have been published in ‘The Berlin Pulse’, the Körber Foundation’s foreign policy publication. The second issue of the publication juxtaposes interviews and contributions from high-ranking individuals with the opinions of the German public on current foreign policy challenges. How and in which areas should Germany commit itself more strongly in the future? Who are Germany’s most important partners? In the publications’ three chapters – ‘The Value of Europe’, ‘A Neighbourhood in Turmoil’ and ‘The Future of Multilateralism’ – prominent figures express their views on EU eastern enlargement, the Syrian conflict, the future of global trade and many other topics.

    In an interview with ‘The Berlin Pulse’, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, emphasises Germany’s involvement in international refugee policy as a model that could be applied throughout the world. Nevertheless, about 30 per cent of Germans view migration as the greatest challenge facing German foreign policy, followed by relations with the US and with President Donald Trump. Three-quarters of Germans believe that European cohesion has been weakened, and 71 per cent expect Eurosceptic parties to gain more votes in next years’ elections to the European Parliament. In an interview with ‘The Berlin Pulse’, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, emphasises ‘Our aim is to strengthen cohesion within the Union.’ 

    The Berlin Pulse is published annually in English in time for the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum
    The latest issue is available now. You can browse through the publication online or download (PDF) a copy.
    Data and infographics are available in more detail at www.theberlinpulse.org

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