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Political Background Discussion with Masoud Barzani

Berlin, June 9, 2010

Masoud Barzani, President of the Federal Region Kurdistan-Iraq, met with members of the German Bundestag, representatives of federal ministries, government agencies and selected think tanks to discuss future domestic and external challenges for Iraq. The effects of the Iraqi parliamentary elections on the region of Kurdistan also formed part of the discussion.

Barzani emphasized that future challenges could be dealt with only in a united Iraq. Thus the common constitution had to serve as the basis for the resolution of contested issues such as the question of the disputed areas and the formation of a stable coalition government. The discussion concentrated on a number of different topics, including the situation of the Kurds in the countries bordering on Iraq. Barzani pointed out that Iraq was interested in maintaining good relations with its neighbours. But he firmly rejected inappropriate kinds of intervention by external players in Iraq’s domestic affairs.

Körber Foundation regularly invites a small circle of high-ranking actors within Berlin’s foreign policy community to its Political Background Discussions. As in the Bergedorf Round Tables, the discussions take place shielded from the public, so as to enable a confidential, frank, and constructive exchange.

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