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Political Luncheon with Sihem Bensedrine

Berlin, January 17, 2012

Sihem Bensedrine, Journalist, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of radio “Kalima” and Spokesperson for the National Council for Liberties in Tunisia met in Berlin with Members of the Bundestag, representatives from government agencies and selected think tanks to discuss the political developments in Tunisia.

Since the general elections in Tunisia in October last year where a coalition government led by the moderate Islamist party Ennahda has come into power, participants noted there were encouraging signs on the democratic transition in Tunisia. It was noted that a peaceful transition was not a given, in view of the recent violent clashes in the western part of Tunisia.

Some participants voiced concerns on the high unemployment rate, and the fragile process of building up the civil society as well as democratic institutions. To maintain a positive development, it was generally agreed that there was a need for greater patience, and priorities will have to be set to take the country forward. Developments would also need to take into account the ethnical divisions within the country

Körber Foundation regularly invites a small circle of high-ranking actors within Berlin’s foreign policy community to its Political Background Discussions. As in the Bergedorf Round Tables, the discussions take place shielded from the public, so as to enable a confidential, frank, and constructive exchange.

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