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Political Luncheon with Boualem Sansal

Berlin, February 20, 2012

Boualem Sansal, Writer and Winner of the German Book Prize from Algeria met in Berlin with Members of the Bundestag, representatives from government agencies and selected think tanks to discuss the political developments in Algeria and the Arab World.

In the discussion with Sansal, the issues of political injustices and violence in Algeria, as well as Algerians’ experience of the civil war which resulted in the weakening of the civil society in the country were raised. Participants also discussed the fragmentation of Islamism in the country, and the upcoming elections in Algeria. There was a general agreement among the participants that the ascendancy of moderate Islamist parties in the Arab world could be regarded as a positive development.

Körber Foundation regularly invites a small circle of high-ranking actors within Berlin’s foreign policy community to its Political Background Discussions. As in the Bergedorf Round Tables, the discussions take place shielded from the public, so as to enable a confidential, frank, and constructive exchange.

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