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Presentation and Discussion “Global Military Developments: Outlook 2014”

Berlin, 11 March 2014

The experts Douglas Barrie, Ben Barry, James Hackett and Christian Le Mière from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) presented their report “The Military Balance 2014” to representatives of the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Defense and selected think tanks at Körber Foundation’s Berlin office. The annual assessment of the military capabilities and defense economics of over 170 countries documents the global military developments.

In the presentation of their results, the group of experts placed special emphasis on the military and security developments in the Middle East, Asia and Afghanistan. In the subsequent discussion the current situation in Ukraine emerged as the dominant theme. IISS Senior Fellow Ben Barry said, the situation in Crimea and Russia’s reaction to it could be a wake-up call for NATO. Shrinking military budgets in Europe and the US could produce a gap between the alliance’s ambitions in security policy and available capabilities. With regard to the situation in the Asia-Pacific IISS Senior Fellow Christian Le Mière pointed out “It is difficult to talk about an arms race, if there is only one horse in the race – and that is China.”

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