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Political Breakfast with H.E. Truong Tan Sang

Berlin, November 26, 2015

The president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, H.E. Truong Tan Sang, met in Berlin with Members of the German Bundestag, representatives of government agencies and selected experts to discuss the deepening of the German-Vietnamese and European-Vietnamese relations not only on a political scale but also in terms of trade and labor market policies. Concerning the conflicts in the South China Sea the president argued in favor of uniform rules on the basis of international law that should guarantee peace and cooperation within the region. The ASEAN Economic Community which is said to be founded until the end of this year could also ensure a regional security structure. The guest from Vietnam underlined that his country is constantly aiming to enhance the Human Rights and Women’s Rights situation.

Körber Foundation regularly invites a small circle of high-ranking actors within Berlin’s foreign policy community to its Political Background Discussions. As in the Bergedorf Round Tables, the discussions take place shielded from the public, so as to enable a confidential, frank, and constructive exchange.

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