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    President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani gave speech in Berlin

    Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, delivered a speech in Berlin on 3 December upon invitation of Körber Foundation.

    In his welcoming address Thomas Paulsen, Member of the Körber Foundation Executive Board, described the Afghani President, Ashraf Ghani, as an unshakeable optimist. At the present time, in light of the global renaissance of classic superpower politics and the impending collapse of order at various levels, this is also a necessity for a state president. Of themselves the numerous refugees which have fled to Europe have given the crises in their native countries a face. Germany remains committed to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, however one is very interested to hear from the president how things will develop in his country.

    Politics is a civic responsibility one has to the world community, emphasised Ghani, before he turned to the new threats faced by his country. Firstly, it is necessary to understand the different developments. Thus ties to the economic cycle form a basis for terrorist financial activities and human trafficking. In the process, criminal organisations operate within networks and can thus can act quicker than states with their rigid structures. The indifference of some of Afghanistan’s neighbouring states also offers these organisations considerable scope for action.

    According to Ghani, after 1945 order was established in one half of the world. Today’s problems are a consequence of the fact that order was not established in the other half. Today terrorist networks grow in strength and membership via the Internet, rapidly developing into self-replicating movements. Their goal is to continually generate new, shocking news. The random character of their attacks is also deliberate. By such means they hope to fundamentally destroy the trust of citizens in the state as protector.

    Ghani saw it as positive that the 30,000 refugees that have left the country are outweighed by the 30 million that have remained. In the meantime, Afghanistan’s own security forces are now able to withstand the attacks, however, continued support from Germany is welcome. Due to its geographic location, Ghani sees his country as a future nodal point for a variety of connections: Power lines, railway tracks, pipelines. Available raw materials also offer a wealth of cooperation opportunities. However, the most important thing for him is the people in his country, who are predominately very young. Occupational training, legal security, the equality of women, and fighting corruption must be decisively and systematically addressed. Ghani’s demand: Combat the networks of violence with the networks of virtue.

    See Ghani's speech and the subsequent discussion as video

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