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Think Global, Act Regional

Timothy Garton Ash on Germany finding its role through Europe

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“We had times that were at least as difficult”

Condoleezza Rice on challenges and prospects for the transatlantic partnership

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“The EU should not underestimate its capability”

Mohammad Javad Zarif on Europe’s engagement in the Middle East

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Survey 2017: Involvement or Restraint?

Results of a representative survey on German attitudes to foreign policy

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Renewing the Union

Between Ambition and Ambiguity
Steven Erlanger on Berlin’s international responsibility
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Reinventing Europe
Voices from the 166th Bergedorf Round Table in Paris
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It Takes More than Two
Wolfgang Ischinger on outlining a meaningful contribution to transatlantic security
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From Paris, with Love!
Alexandre Escorcia on reviving the excitement of Europe’s power couple
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Cooperation, not Duplication
Jens Stoltenberg on the challenges for European security
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Stabilizing the Neighborhood

It’s not a Sprint
Jean-Marie Guéhenno on EU engagement in Libya
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In Search of Wisdom
Prince Turki Al-Faisal on Germany’s possible contribution to the future international order
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It Comes with the Territory
Carl Bildt on why EU enlargement should continue in the Western Balkans
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A Wish List for the Eastern Neighborhood
By Munich Young Leaders Alumni
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Pivot to Africa
Lindiwe Mazibuko on turning ambitious plans into productive partnerships
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Across the Bridge
In their relations with Turkey, Germany and the EU should …
…take a bird’s-eye view, says Safak Pavey
…start a new dialogue, says Ozan Ceyhun

Opportunity or Autocracy?
Vuk Jeremić on how a failed EU accession of the Western Balkans risks long-term instability
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East is not East
Alexey Pushkov and Dmitry Androsov debate current troubles in German-Russian relations
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Shaping the Global Order

A Misaligned Alliance?
Michael Dimock on Pew Research Center and Körber-Stiftung’s joint survey on transatlantic relations
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“The current norms are no longer suitable”
Yan Xuetong on how Germany and China should reshape global order
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Survival of the Fittest
Parag Khanna on how the West needs to rethink global order
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How Trump Can Make Europe Great Again
Kenneth R. Weinstein on what this means for Chancellor Merkel
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So Far, Yet so Close
Shashi Tharoor onwhat should be the German answer to China’s rise
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Update November 2017:
Will the current domestic situation harm Germany’s role in the world?


Detailed Table of Results
2017 (in German)



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