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“Our aim is to strengthen cohesion”

Interview with Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister

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“I do not see the risk”

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, explains why concerns about reforms in Poland are ungrounded

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Digital Frontrunner

How Estonia transformed into a digital state and is preparing for artificial intelligence. By Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia

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Survey 2018: Involvement or Restraint?

Results of a representative survey on German attitudes to foreign policy

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Editorial: Leaving the Comfort Zone?
The majority of Germans prefers restraint in foreign policy – editorial by Julia Harrer
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The Value of Europe

East-West Divide in Europe?
Interview with Sylvie Kauffmann, Michael Link and Marek Cichocki
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How Migration is Seen by the “silent majority”
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš about the future of Europe
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Political Earthquake Ahead
Yascha Mounk, author, about the rise of populism and authoritarianism in Europe
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“I do not see the risk”
Mateusz Morawiecki about why concerns about reforms in Poland are ungrounded
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In Different Leagues
Alan Mendoza and James Rogers about what Brexit means for defence and security in Europe
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A Neighbourhood in Turmoil

The Most Complex Conflict
UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura about the conflict in Syria
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“The dismissive attitude towards Africa is the problem”
Hanna Tetteh about how Europe could reduce migration from Africa more effectively
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“The EU should deliver on its promises”
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, foreign minister of Turkey, about Turkey’s role in migration and security in the Middle East
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African Countries in Transition
Contribution by Tochi Eni-Kalu, in coperation with Eurasia Group
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Germany as a Model?
Filippo Grandi about how to share responsibility for migrants and refugees worldwide
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Can the EU Buy its Way Back into Syria?
Contribution by Joost Hiltermann, in cooperation with International Crisis Group
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The Future of Multilateralism

Creating a Better Global Trade System
Christine Lagarde about what states could do to benefit from trade in the digital era
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“Determined to slow China’s rise”
Ryan L. Hass about the role of the US, China and the EU in the global trade system
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“Stabilising agents in the world”
Jianzhang Luan about the role of China, the US and the EU in the global trade system
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Multilateralism in Crisis
Four questions to Justin Vaïsse, President of the Paris Peace Forum
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Transatlantic Vox Pop
About the state of US-German relations – in cooperation with Pew Research Center
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So German …
Four foreign policy moments that are “typically German”
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