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    Russia and the EU in a changing world

    The Ukraine conflict, the Syrian crisis, European security: tensions and profound disagreements continue to characterize the relationship between Russia and the European Union. Speaking upon invitation of the Körber Foundation, Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation signaled readiness for dialogue with the West.

    Simultaneously, he stressed that from Moscow's point of view, it is the West that is to blame for the deterioration in mutual relations. Lavrov dismissed the fears of some Western observers that Russia may intervene in the Bundestag election campaign, qualifying them as unfounded. When asked  which title he, as an amateur poet, would giveto a poem on  European-Russian relations, he replied “I would rather not respond. Maybe I would be using words that might not be appropriate for a poem.”

    “Despite the alienation between Russia and the European Union, we are convinced that Russia belongs to Europe”, stated Thomas Paulsen, Member of the Executive Board of the Körber Foundation, explaining the reason for  the Foundation’s commitment to revive an open, critical and constructive dialogue between Russia and its European neighbors.


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