• Gabriele Woidelko, Director of the focal topic “Russia in Europe”, Körber Foundation
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    “Stalin Reloaded in Russia?”

    In Moscow-based independent pollster Levada Center´s latest representative survey, almost 40% of the 1600 respondents named Stalin as “one of the ten outstanding personalities of all times and nations”. In her guest contribution for the Berlin Policy Journal Gabriele Woidelko, Körber Foundation, analyses the role of Stalin in current Russia.

    Stalin still sells. In Moscow-based independent pollster Levada Center’s latest representative survey on the ten most outstanding personalities “of all times and all nations,” published at the end of June, 38 percent of 1600 respondents in Russia included Stalin in their lists. Putin and Pushkin were each named by 34 percent, followed closely by Lenin. The first non-Russian name on the list was the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, mentioned by 9 percent of interviewees.

    What are the reasons for Stalin´s ongoing popularity? What does this popularity tell about a possible Re-Stalinization in Russia? And which role does the Soviet dictator have within the current state-controlled and funded culture of remembrance?

    The guest contribution tries to give answers to these questions.

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