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eCommemoration Convention 2021: From pedestals to pixels?

Glenn Cantave (Movers & Shakers NYC), Olivette Otele (University of Bristol) and David Olusoga OBE (University of Manchester) discuss how technological innovation can open the discussion of contested history.

The Black Lives Matter movement has pinpointed the urgency of dealing with current effects of racial injustice. It also highlighted the systematic disregard of Black history within American and European societies. This disparity becomes apparent in the still prevalent portrayal of the history of race relations from a white or colonial point of view. It also reveals the long-standing marginalisation of Black history in public spaces – in museums, monuments or collective places of memory. Extended reality tools disrupt that narrative and change mindsets, inspiring a more inclusive perspective on the past. How can new approaches to depicting the past enable us to break up hardened interpretations? Can looking beyond fixed pedestals and traditional institutions show new ways of achieving public awareness for marginalised histories?

This event was recorded during the eCommemoration Convention 2021.



Datum: 14.10.2021
Länge: 01:19:27

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