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Körber History Forum 2017: How can a stable blueprint for lasting peace be facilitated?

Discussion with Samir Altaqi, Orient Research Center Dubai, Wolfgang Ischinger, Munich Security Conference, Henry Laurens, Collège de France and Anuschka Tischer, Julius Maximilian University in Würzburg; moderated by Dietmar Pieper, Der Spiegel. The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ended the Thirty Years War in Europe. It created a peace and a European security architecture which existed for 150 years. Are there mechanisms and models from the peace order of the 17th century, from which peace processes inter alia in the Middle East could be derived for the present day?

In cooperation with Der Spiegel within the series of debates “Making peace – what diplomats can learn from history”.



Datum: 17.06.2017
Ort: Berlin
Personen: Wolfgang Ischinger, Dietmar Pieper

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