Rosan Bosch

Foto: Agnete Schlichtkrull

Rosan Bosch is the founder and creative director of Rosan Bosch Studio, and internationally renowned for her thought-provoking designs and innovative perspectives on how schools can sustain children as creative thinkers. She has a strategic, design-based approach and has worked with local and national authorities transforming education, from communities in Norway to the government of Argentina.

One of the most well-known projects of Rosan Bosch Studio is the Vittra School at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden. With its open, imaginative, and dynamic interior, the physical space promotes modern and flexible teaching methods and principles. Her innovative approach is reflected in the book 'Designing for a better world starts at school', in which she shares six design principles to connect the physical environment to pedagogical intentions.

Rosan Bosch Studio uses creativity as a tool for innovation and challenges established cultures and norms. She transforms physical environments into meaningful and significant experiences. The Studio has created celebrated and innovative public libraries and also designed workspaces for the R&D departments of global brands.

Rosan Bosch has worked professionally with art, design, and architecture for more than 25 years and founded Rosan Bosch Studio in 2011. She is educated at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, Spain.

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